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Lose and maintain your weight for good



The B-Lean Club is a monthly membership designed to help you reach your goal weight and maintain it for life due to our personalized approach, guided support and monthly supply of our clinically proven fat burning supplement, Meta-B Lean.

Not is it only for weight loss, but also for those trying to improve their overall health and chronic disease such as
diabetes type 2, high cholesterol and hypertension.



A personalized approach



One size doesn't fit all.
You're unique and so should your diet to help you reach the best possible results.



A team dedicated to your success



You're not alone.
We have a medical, nutritional and holistic support team who are ready to help you every step of the way.



Health Coaching



Your own personal Health Coach will keep you on track and help you overcome and manage life's many obstacles.



Medical Management



Our doctors are able to monitor and manage your medical conditions and medications.



Helpful Resources



Get online access to healthy recipes as well as receive weekly health tips to keep you motivated.



Meta-B Lean
fat burning supplement


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Our clinically proven fat burning supplement will help speed up your progress.



Report card of your results


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Receive a report card of your progress and achievements.


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